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Random Second Life Trading Notes, 10/06/07

I haven’t written any general Second Life Trading Notes recently because there have been the Atlas Venture Capital (AVC) and Countless Galaxies (CGI) developments have taken a lot of my focus. On top of that, I’ve been focused on real life and have done less day trading in Second Life than usual.

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Happy Birthday Fiona

They say that one of the keys to being a successful blogger is knowing your niche audience and writing to it. My problem is that I try to hit a lot of niches. So, if you’re coming here for stuff about Second Life, check here. If you’re coming here for stuff about Connecticut politics, and in particular things about the Avery Doninger Civil Rights case, check here. And of course my political posts can be found here. Today’s audience is parents.

Today is Fiona’s sixth birthday. She is off with her grandparents as we prepare. The theme for her party is “Hawaiian Luau”. Kim made a cake

There will be limbo dancing and a treasure hunt. Since Fiona is just six, she and her friends might have difficulty reading clues, so we made it a pictorial treasure hunt. I grabbed the digital camera and took pictures of places where the clues would be located.

Quickly printing them off with a color printer, we have a simple fun treasure hunt for the kids. The clues are placed to maximize the amount of running around they need to do to get from one clue to the next.

Here are the clues:

And, as a final birthday reflection, I’ve created this slide show of pictures of Fiona when she was younger.

You might also want to stop by and read the comments I wrote when she was born.

Happy Birthday Fiona.