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BREAKING: Real Edwards Supporter in Romantic Relationship spills beans on video

There has been a lot of talk recently about a supporter of John Edwards having a romantic relationship with him. These reports have been pretty well debunked. However, I have searched around, asking friends that that pay much more attention to these sort of stories that I do, and I finally found the key video.

In the video, a long time Edwards supporter who not only is in an amazing romantic relationship with with Sen. Edwards, but also, is reported to have given birth to children as a result of this relationship, spills the beans about this on a YouTube video.

Check it out: here!

Absolutely must see video!

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Random Stuff

I’ve just started playing with Zude!. You can see my page here. The interface seems very nice.

Knowprose and I were talking the other day about different ways people make money online. One site that he recommended was Zazzle. It is similar to CafePress and looks pretty nice. You can see Knowprose’s Zazzle page here.

Leslie Graves posted a link to the Team Avery Facebook group about the Sam Adams Alliance post about Avery’s case.

(Remember, join the Facebook group, contribute here, and be sure to come to Poets and Writers for Avery this coming Sunday in Litchfield).

Kim pointed me to the Parenting for Peace Blog. Worth a visit.

I also stumbled across Dylan Messaging. Absolutely brilliant. I had to give them my name, email address and website, but it’s worth it.

I also stumbled across Socializer.
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Interesting to explore.

Another friend pointed me to FlugPo. I’ve set up my initial id here, but it didn’t really catch my imagination yet.

Finally, I stumbled across Slide.Com’s guestbook.

Here’s mine:

Enough for now...