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September 30th

Fiona and a fern at Mianus Gorge

Fiona and a fern at Mianus Gorge

Today, Kim, Fiona and I went to Mianus Gorge. Kim sat on a bench at the beginning of the trail as Fiona and I hiked along. Inspired in part by some of Miranda's recent photographs, I took various photos along the way. For more photos, check out my Flickr account.
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September 28th

Smoke Bubbles

My letter to my senators about the pending torture bills

What is wrong with our country? I read the news about congressional debates over what constitutes torture and I have to wonder what went wrong. America, the country I love, where I was born, where my forefathers were born has always been the moral beacon in a dangerous world, now that is slipping away, and it is up to you to do something about it.

No, this isn’t just a message urging you to stand up against immoral bills, this is a request for you to show some true moral leadership. Lead the charge against efforts to play word games with torture. Lead the charge to defend a millennium of jurisprudence. Help us get the country back on the right course and be the moral leaders we were destined to be.

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September 27th

Miranda: Field Hockey Goalie

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Random Stuff

Slowly, I’m catching up, digging out. I dropped below 200 unread emails, although I haven’t really spent time staying on top of my blogline subscriptions. As I’ve dug through, I’m finding a bunch of sites that I would like to highlight.

My friend, Steve, is now up on YouTube. Nick, who has done a lot of citizen video, is now putting many of his videos up on Google Videos. For a listing of some of them, check out my diary at My Left Nutmeg

Elizabeth Edwards’ new book Saving Graces is out. I’ve bought a copy for Kim and written a little bit about it at the One America Committee blog. In that post, I also mentioned the candles for Molly Ivins.

In blogging, I received an email pointing out the Jubilee Blog. Also, Global Voices has a great summary of what is going on in the Iraqi Blogosphere. It is a good read.

In the world of online social networks, Facebook has now opened the gates to those of use without .edu email addresses. If you are on facebook, stop by and say hello. Also, I got an invite to PathConnect. I've signed up, but haven't really found much of anything there. Is anyone else doing anything with PathConnect?

Back closer to home, Miranda has a website up where she is posting some of her creative writing, pictures, etc.

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