Archive - Apr 20, 2006

Technology Playday

Fiona threw up last night. Both Kim and I are dragging, so I’m going to focus on some simple fun stuff for a little bit.

Last night, I was asked if I could come up with a map mashup of the different training locations for the Ned Lamont petition drive. I ended up using map builder, which is pretty nice. The first map I produced was this which shows the twelve different locations where we have trainings scheduled.

The second map I produced was this. I took a list of over 600 donations made to the Lamont campaign from people in Connecticut during the first quarter. Map builder geocoded them and added them all to a map. To me, it looks like it follows pretty closely the population density of Connecticut.

Today, I went for something a little less strenuous and created my first page in Google Pages. Very simple and easy to set up pages, but so far it doesn’t seem to have any neat Web 2.0 type functionality.

Next, I played with Google Calendar a little bit more. Anyone who wants to check out my calendar can check this. I tested loading a calendar from Drupal. It seems to work, but needs more testing.

Now, if only I can combine some Google Maps and Google Calendars into a Google page, things will really come together.

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