Archive - Feb 26, 2006


I’m tired. I was up late last night, and then Kim called this morning while I was still sleeping. Perhaps this makes me a little more sensitive than usual. So, as I worked on my notes for me session on tracking the local blogosphere for the New Organizing Institute, I stumbled across this blog and got horribly distracted.

Dawit is a young boy from Ethiopia that a couple here in Connecticut has just adopted. It is a wonderful blog. Please take a little time to read it. It is written by GaiaGal. (See earlier posts here.)

New Organizing Institute

Sunday afternoon. I am at a friend’s house in Washington DC. Yesterday, I did a training at the New Organizing Institute. This is “a unique grassroots training and research program created by experienced online organizers and technology professionals in politics in conjunction with”.

Over 700 people applied to be part of their first training. They accepted 40 whom they split up into six teams. Each team will build a campaign for a fictitious candidate. I trained one team in setting up a campaign website using CivicSpace. For those who don’t know, one of my various ventures is to set up low end campaign websites through SmartCampaigns.