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January 31st

Where have you gone, Will Rogers?

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

Did we lose something bigger in 2004 than the election? This thought has been nagging me a lot recently as I work with various people gearing up for the 2006 elections. Leading up to 2004, there were so many people who had been told that they have the power, that they could go out act on their own without asking permission from some campaign, and it would make a difference. I went ahead and organized a flash mob 3000 miles from my house.

In May 2003, Joe Trippi wrote, ”The other thing that is needed -- is a campaign organization that gets it -- or at least tries to get it. One of the other reasons I think this has not happened before is that every political campaign I have ever been in is built on a top-down military structure -- there is a general at the top of the campaign -- and all orders flow down -- with almost no interaction. This is a disaster. This kind of structure will suffocate the storm not fuel it. Campaigns abhor chaos -- and to most campaigns built on the old top-down model -- that is what the net represents -- chaos.”

January 30th

Opportunity Rocks

Those of you who have been reading my posts know that I am a big fan of Opportunity Rocks. It is an effort to get college students to work together to end poverty.

Today, I received an email from Senator Edwards, a key force behind Opportunity Rocks, encouraging students to spend their spring break in New Orleans helping with Opportunity Rocks and New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity.

I hope a lot of college students participate, and I hope that many of the blog, photoblog, podcast, and vlog about their experiences.

Read the letter from Senator Edwards below the fold.

Monday’s Random Stuff

Unread emails: 221. Unread blog posts: 5226. If you knock out the 4600 from the Progressive Blog Alliance, it isn’t quite so daunting. Health: Marginal. Fiona has been fighting a cold and I’m run down and a little congested.

Recent webpages that have caught my eye: Naomi sent an email about this video. Check it out. Nandi Plunkett is a junior at Mount Greylock, where I went to high school.

January 28th

Blogging the Lamont Gathering in New Haven

This morning, many of us went to hear Ned Lamont address a group of potential supporters at the New Haven Public Library. Early on, I counted over 70 people and quite a few people showed up after I counted, so my guess is that we really had between 80 and 100 people there.

Quite a few bloggers where there. BranfordBoy from My Left Nutmeg was there. He put up this diary. BranfordBoy also posted about it in a DailyKos diary

January 27th

Maintaining Social Ties

The other day, Kim pointed out to me a large dent in the hood of the Prius. Based on the location, I believe it is from the branch that bounced off the car about a week ago when I was driving home from dropping Miranda off at school. I had thought that the branch hit the windshield and bounced off. Looking at the dent, it seems that a very big branch hit the hood and then bounced off the windshield as I drove on. I figure if I had of been a few moments earlier, it would have hit, and smashed the windshield.

One of the impatiens that Fiona brought home from school last year has been sitting in a kitchen window ever since. It has now started blooming again.