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Exploring the digital divide

As part of blogging for the DeStefano blog, I’ve been building up my list of Connecticut based Blogs in Bloglines. One site I’ve been watching is The New Haven Independent.

Today, I read Gina Coggio’s latest posting. Please, go out and read it. She is a teacher who has students writing vignettes about their lives. One started off, “My father chose the drug life over his children… He was a crack head whether I wanted to believe it or not and as the days went by I seen more in him. He’d begin to take things that belonged to us to get money for what they call a habit, but I call it evil. It took the loving sweet man out of my father and turned him into a wild fiend… Every time I saw him I seen death. His pale white face, crusty lips, ragged clothes and his body sank in. He was a skeleton.”

Rhetorical followup

(Originally published at Greater Democracy)

My recent blog post has brought up several interesting email discussions and I would like to quote extensively from two different emails I have written in response.

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