Archive - Sep 15, 2005

Understanding We the Media

This is a title I’ve always wanted to use. It is a combination of ‘Understanding Media’ by Marshall McLuhan and ‘We the Media’ by Dan Gillmor. We are at an interesting point in media convergence as I talked about a little yesterday.

Today, I want to write about when there are bumps in the convergence. As I was reading through my Bloglines subscriptions, I found this entry from BL Ochman’s What’s Next blog: Humorless Garrison Keillor Threatens to Sue Blogger for Parody. I followed the links to Trial Of The Century: Keillor V.

In that entry, the blogger writes about telling Keillor’s lawyer, "First off, your client has no legal basis for this, and it's clear you're just trying to bully me. Secondly, this is going to make your client look extremely out of touch. I'll even write the headline for you: 'Liberal Comedian Sues Blogger.' Do you really want that?"

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