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December 13th

Black and White and Red and Blue

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

Often, when people are confronted with a problem, they fall into what is often called Black and White thinking. They find themselves confronting a dilemma, and they think there are two possible and contradictory solutions. Even the word ‘dilemma’ implies two possible solutions.

Black and white thinking is easy. It is comfortable. It feels safer. We can easily view what is wrong with the world as coming from some outside evil, from ‘them’, and not own any of our own responsibility for things that are wrong with the world. When someone else attacks us, it is always because they are evil and hate us and we haven’t done anything to foster that hate.

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December 12th

Fiona at Jones Tree Farm

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Fiona and Miranda at the South Pole

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December 11th

Flat tire in Virginia

Flat tire in Virginia

Driving home from Virginia yesterday, we got a flat tire...

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December 10th

More on Podcasting.

Today doing my Blog Explosion surfing, I stumbled across modern marketing by collaborative marketing services These sort of ‘blogs’ are one of the things I dislike most about Blog Explosion. Generally, they are poorly constructed advertisement for web hosting, web design, or some sort of online marketing expertise.

However, this one had an article about Podcasting. It is a simple introduction to what podcasting is and it has a few interesting links. One is to a blog entry by Steve Rubel in Micro Persuasion about Pondering Possibilities in Podvertising. This is a good article about what is going on with podcasting. To me, it feels a little over optimistic, based on what I’ve seen for podcasts so far. It does note the trend of mainstream media to adopt Podcasting. There is quite a discussion and set of trackbacks there.