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November 20th

Phone cards for our troops

Today, I received an email saying that “the number ONE request at Walter Reed VA hospital is phone cards”.

In a recent press release, MCI announced it would be providing free phone cards to U.S. Armed Forces personnel stationed in Iraq as well as at Walter Reed and Bethesda Medical centers.

The community of Clark Supporters is on this. Badvertisers is in on this.

Target and Salvation Army

Recently, I stumbled across a blog entry talking about how Target is not allowing the Salvation Army to ask for donations on their property. Hugh Hewitt writes about it here, and points to an article at about this. Other conservative bloggers have also picked up on this.

Last month, a Target opened up in our town. I don’t like shopping. My wife does the shopping for the family. She loves target. She hates Walmart. Is some of this political? Perhaps. So, I thought I would dig a little deeper.


Over at useless and pointless knowledgefound via Blog Explosion, they have a survey which asks if Wal-Mart is:

A) A monster of mythic proportions crushing the soul out of honest, hard-working, store-owning Americans everywhere,


B) The product of hard work in a competitive market and a poster-child for capitalism.

One person commented, "I refer to Wal-mart as the great Satan." Another responded, "the great Satan? buddy, you need to re-evaluate your perception of ultimate evil. Hitler? Stalin? Lenin? Polpot? Is all their combined wickedness overshadowed by a floating yellow dot that really only wants to save you money on a dvd player?"

Moving Forward

(This is a long post on my views for the future direction of the Democratic Party. If you are interested, please click on 'read more')

Helping Hands

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I am a big fan of blogs highlighting interesting unknown charities. Strengthen the Good is an interesting site that does this. You will also know that I am a big supporter of The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation and the efforts to help those with spinal cord injuries.

Today, while surfing BlogExplosion, I found another very interesting site. Monkeyverb is a blog with a tag line, “Because Monkeys Are Funny...and They Do Stuff!”. They had a pointer to Helping Hands Monkeys. “Helping Hands is an organization that trains Capuchin monkeys to assist quadriplegics with simple every-day tasks.”