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October 20th

The Meta-Mastah Narrative

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

Roger Hurwitz has provided some wonderful comments to Jock’s insightful commentary on the master narrative. He refers to Lyotard claiming that there are no longer master narratives. He questions if there is a Master, or ‘Mastah’ narrative, is there a slave narrative? He suggests that topology is the topic and suggests that we need to think about the role of self-organization.

Yet perhaps that gets to the crux of what Jock is saying. The master narrative, or perhaps meta-mastah narrative is about how changes in technology are affecting the dynamic between top down organization and bottom up organization. We saw this as a major dynamic in the Democratic presidential primaries. The Kerry campaign and the Bush campaign are both tilted more towards top down organization which is why the dynamic hasn’t been as apparent in the presidential election, but it is still there.

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October 19th

The water is wide...

Fiona is now three years old. She just came up to me and sang a little bit of 'The Water is Wide'.

The water is wide, I cannot cross o'er

I was reading a blog I found through Blog Explosion. trucandygirl is a proud U.S. Marine's wife.

... and neither have I wings to fly...

The Medical Liability Insurance Crisis

Last week, Kim and I took Fiona to our pediatrician. While we were there we noted signs put up by Connecticut Doctor’s for Good Medicine. The sign was urging patients to support nine different candidates. We have spent a bit of time researching the PAC as well as the issues and would like to share the following observations.

About the PAC

Actually, Connecticut Doctor’s for Good Medicine is registered with the state as two separate two person PACs. Connecticut Doctor’s for Good Medicine (Norwalk Chapter), Claudia Gruss, MD, Treas.,P.O. Box 270, Georgetown, CT 06829 and Connecticut Doctor’s for Good Medicine (Stamford Chapter) Charles Littlejohn, MD, Treas., 70 Mill River Street, Stamford, CT 06902.

October 16th

One thing

Over on Michele Agnew’s blog, she asks,

Look around your home and imagine that you have fifteen minutes to evacuate, and the only things that you can take with you are items that will fit in the back seat of a car. So, after you have gathered precious photos, personal mementos and family heirlooms what one thing would you take that is unique to you?

Which reminds me that I must search for a shoe cabinet that will fit in the back seat of my car.

Normally, I avoid these sort of questions. Also, normally, I don't post the more religous side of my being. However, this evening, I posted as my reply:


I receive a letter on a mailing list I am on this evening. It said, in part:

I spent a couple hours at the local storefront Kerry/Edwards/Farrell HQ making phone calls.