Archive - Oct 23, 2004


Encouraging or discouraging voters

(This was originally published in Greater Democracy)

Back during the Republican National Convention, I had the opportunity to hear what a few conservatives where saying about voter fraud in the coming election. I wrote up comments about it here.

Back then I wrote about John Fund, member of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal and in 1982 a chief investigative reporter for syndicated columnists Rowland Evans and Robert Novack, suggested that if the election is close, we’ll have more what happened in Florida in 2000, the law suits will happen across the country.

Saturday evening links.

Last night, I set up The Progressive Blog Alliance Aggregator. You can see recent blog entry from those PBA sites that I've been able to find the RSS feeds for. Currently there are around two dozen sites feeding this aggregator. As a general rule, it updates hourly.

One of the links I found there was Big Boys determined to Keep Their Guy in!. It is about a battle at the Plain Dealer about who they will endorse. There is more on the subject over at Daily Kos

Also, as I was searching , I found a pointer to Wolf packs for truth. I highly recommend this site.

The mathematics of BlogExplosion

Yesterday, I spent a couple hours surfing through BlogExplosioin and I hit an interesting wall.

You have visted all the active sites in rotation.

The rotation is set up so that you can only visit a site once per 24 hours. Please come back later to visit more pages.

This got my thinking. I have earned about 700 credits from surfing sites around 1400, and another 300 mystery credits. In return I’ve had about 1000 visits to my site. I still have a few credits left for people to come to my site, but when those credits are up, my site won’t be in the active rotation. Based on this, there are more credits being used up than are being created, so eventually, unless they make some changes, BlogExplosion will implode with no more sites available.

To a certain extent, I am already seeing this. The number of hits from BlogExplosion have been decreasing steadily over the past few days. Based on this decline, I expect that I’ll be getting traffic from BlogExplosion for about a week more, and then it will dry up altogether.

I am wondering what other people have observed.