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October 30th

Saturday Night Update

It has been a long couple of days. I am home decompressing before I pick up one of my daughters from a Halloween party. I am reading blogs and emails, and putting together this post.

As an aside, I am currently over 300 email messages behind. I haven’t been to BlogExplosion or the MOOs in quite a while. Hopefully I can catch up a little bit before crashing.

Yesterday, I created turf maps for much of Stamford. (See my entry here and here for some of my comments on political map making).

This morning, I stopped at Greenwich Democratic Headquarters and dropped off a box of walk cards for Kim’s campaign. Hopefully, a lot of them will get distributed over the next 72 hours.

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October 27th

The politics of baseball

You know, when Kim entered the race for State Rep in our heavily Republican district, I figured she had about as much chance of winning as the Red Sox had of sweeping the World Series after coming back from being down three games in the playoffs, and having it culminate during a lunar eclipse.

The way Kim's campaign is going, I still think the chances are about the same.


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October 27th

Representative Democracy

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

According to his blog, Josh Ferguson has finally voted. With the Blogger’s for Bush banner on his site, I expect that I probably would have voted differently than he did on many issues. However, is blog entry about voting has some very important comments.

He lives in California and notes that he and his wife spent six hours studying the 24 different propositions on his ballot. He writes about this:

Random comments on multiple blogs

(Originally published at Ryze as part of a discussion about why have multiple blogs.)

First, I should note that I’ve always pronounced ‘blog’ as one syllable, and I’ve never heard it pronounce ‘B-log’. That is in part, I believe, because ‘blog’ is a shortening of ‘weblog’.

I currently have quite a few different blogs. Some of them, such as the ones I have on Blogger, LiveJournal and Xanga, I have primarily to test their software and the be able to authenticate into their systems.

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October 26th

Connecticut Doctor's for Poor Public Policy

In a recent blog entry, I wrote about the 'Connecticut Doctor's for Good Medicine'.

This is a PAC that that is supporting an anti-abortion activist who is campaigning against PACs.

The American Medical Students Association disagrees with the policies that the PAC are promoting.

Now, they are handing out vicious attack ads like this, and this.

Please check here, and here to see if your doctor is participating in this vicious attack group. If so, please let your doctor know that you do not approve of such conduct.

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