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January 23rd

The Howard Howl, Dean Scream, or barbaric yawp

(Note: Originally published on my MovableType Blog. Moved here for consolidation)

Yesterday, I had breakfast with Britt Blaser ( and Doc Searls (

On the train in, I noticed the USA Today article, “Dean scream gaining cult-like status on Web” (

I thought a little about this on the train, and started thinking about my comments about this. Years ago, Primal Scream therapy was a popular fad. We were encouraged to express our excitement, disappointment, joy, anger. Of course those of us from New England never really bought into it. We’re a little to restrained to go in for stuff like that.

But I think there is something important going on here. I started composing my thoughts in my mind:

Are you tired of politicians creating the largest tax hike on our children through the government running up massive deficits and calling it a ‘tax cut’?
Try a Howard Howl.

Are you grieved that over 500 loyal Americas have died in Iraq because of ‘misinformation’?
Try a Dean Scream

Do you want to issue a wakeup call to an American populous that has stopped caring enough to vote?
Try a ‘barbaric yawp’

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January 18th

Joan Jett and the Young Republicans

(Originally published on my MovableType blog, and moved here for consolidation)

The story going around the blogs right now,,, and is about a Dean rally at Drake university yesterday, which got crashed by a group of about thirty young Bush supporters. One of them rips a Dean sign and poses for the cameras, another is said to have pushed Joan Jett who responded: You can push me, but don't touch my guitar. (this guitar kills fascists...)

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