Upcoming Events

This posts are written over time, listing upcoming events that I hope to attend, write about, or encourage others to consider.

Upcoming Events in Second Life

Over the coming few days, there are several interesting discussions. Today, at 9 AM SLT, there will be a discussion about universal design on Healthinfo Island sponsored by SL Accessibility Center, Healthinfo Island, and Virtual Ability, Inc. Jondan Lundquist and Atsuko Watanabe will lead the discussion. Mr. Lundquist has studied biomechanical engineering and has a doctorate in education. Ms. Watanabe is a degreed engineer who has worked on accessible transportation engineering projects for many years and works in Second Life on redesigning and rebuilding some of the structures on Simon Walsh's Second Ability sim.

Also, today starting at 9 AM SLT is “Orange Explores Second Life Culture”. Topics include how live music performances have changed over the years in Second Life, what the current trends are, where music is headed into the future of SL, the impact that rules and protocols have on the behavior of the community members and how many diverse communities have come together, bringing their unique ideas, for the common purpose of fighting back against cancer. The event will take place on Orange Island.

Tomorrow, also starting at 9 AM SLT, Simon Walsh will speak at the Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater about his work in Second Life. Mr. Walsh is best known as the chief executive of Enable Enterprises which manages the Wheelies nightclub for people with disabilities in Second Life and the Second Ability Second Life simulator. The talk will be followed by a day long discussion on TechSoup’s Accessible Technology and Public Computing forum.

Starting at 10 AM SLT, Kathy Im, Program Officer at the MacArthur Foundation, Tony Curzon Price, Editor of OpenDemocracy.net, and Jonathan Zittrain, Professor and Internet Scholar at Oxford University will explore issues of Credibility and Reputation in the New News as part of the MacArthur and Virtual Worlds series. The event will take place on the USC Annenberg Island.

At 3 PM SLT, SL Shakespeare Company will produce a “live scene from Hamlet, with a professional troupe, and photorealistic actors and historically accurate wardrobe and props.“ The event will take place at the SL Globe Theatre. The performance will be repeated several days through out the coming week.

To tie it all together, there will be a Leap Year celebration tomorrow at jokaydia “because a leap year is as good a time as any for a party!”

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Old Events

These are old events from my calendar and what actually ended up happening:


Jan 21-23 Progressive Democratic Summit, Washington
(I'm supposed to lead a workshop there)
The Summit was great. The workshop was well attended.

Feb 10-12 DNC Meeting, Washington
(I thinking about getting press credentials to cover this. It is when the DNC will elect their new chair)
I had obligations in Connecticut, so I watched parts of it on CSpan.

Feb 9-23 OSN 2005
I am on a panel. This is an online conference.

March 10-11 IPDI - Politics Online Conference, Washington
(I went last year, it is a good conference, however given its closeness to SXSW, I'll probably miss it this year)

March 11-15 SXSW - Austin
I am on one of the panels there.

March 17-20 2005 Annual CAR Conference
(Computer Assisted Reporting, part of Investigative Reporters and Editors)
(I need to work on a proposal to present at either this, and/or the IRE conference below)
(actually, again, due to its closeness to SXSW and my schedule, I probably won't be there)

March 30-31 F2C: Freedom to Connect
An isen.com production
This looks like a great conference which I really look forward to attending.

April 16 Grassroots Use of Technology
I've heard lots of good stuff about Organizer's Collaborative.
Let's see if it makes sense for me to go.

May 13-15 National Conference for Media Reform
St. Louis
This looks very interesting. I probably won't make it, but it looks interesting.

May 16 Personal Democracy Forum, New York
(I went last year. It was pretty good. Being in New York, I will try to make it again this year)

May 20 YK2005, Chicago
(First I've heard of it. I don't know....)

June 2-5 2005 IRE Annual Conference, Denver
(See comments about NICAR conference)

June 10-11 25th College Reunion at Wooster

June 17 - 19 DeanFest 2005, Austin
(Went to DeanFest last year, although only caught a day of it between a folk festival
and the National Convention. Hopefully I can make more of it this year)

July 21-24 FalconRidge, Hillsdale New York
(Our family goes to this just about every year)

October 5-9 AoIR 6.0 Internet Generations.
I made it to AoIR 1.0 and AoIR 4.0. We'll see if AoIR 6.0 is in the cards this year.


New Organizing Institute
Feb 24-Mar 2. I helped with trainging.

Institute for Politics, Democracy & the Internet
March 7-8 Went one year. Missed it since.

SXSW Interactive
March 10-14. I went last year as a speaker. Didn't make it in 2006.

Freedom to Connect
Apr 3-4 Went in 2005. Didn't make it in 2006.

Personal Democracy Forum
May 15th. New York City. So far, I've made everyone.

Organizers Collaborative Conference
June, sometime.... Spoke last year. Didn't make it in 2006.

DemocracyFest 2006
July 13-16. Made it each year.

FalconRidge Folk Festival
July 20-23 An annual event.


National Conference on Media Reform Jan 12-14, Memphis, as well as at the Journalism That Matters conference immediately before. Attended both.

Freedom to Connect Mar 5-6, Silver Springs, MD. I went two years ago. Couldn't go last year. Attended online.

South by Southwest InteractiveMar 9-13 Austin TX. I spoke at SXSW in 2005 couldn't make it in 2006-2007

Politics Online Conference Mar 15-16 Washington DC. I in 2005. Haven't been able to make it back since.

Media in Transition Apr 27-29, Cambridge MA. I was on a panel there. It was a great event.

Personal Democracy Forum. May 18 in New York City. Last year's conference information can be found at http://www.personaldemocracy.com/conference/2006 Attended with a Google Scholarship.

DemocracyFest June 9-10 Manchester NH. I've been at every DemFest since they started.

Organizers Collaborative Annual Conference Grassroots Use of Technology 2007 Jun 22-23 Lowell, MA I spoke there in 2005 and couldn't make it in 2006 or 2007.

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival July 26-29 Hillsdale NY. Yeah, it is four days of camping and listening to folk music. I've gone just about every year since 1994, usually camping out, sometimes just for a day.

YearlyKos Aug 2-5 Chicago. Attended via Second Life.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events, 2008 edition, as I’ve been doing since I first set this up for 2005, I’m moving last years events listing into the Old Events and listing events for 2008 here.

EGovBarCamp Boston. Feb 2nd. I’ve signed up for it. However, only a handful of people have signed up, so I’m not sure it is worth the time and money to head up for it.

American Group Psychotherapy Association Annual Meeting Washington DC, Feb 18-23.
"Passion, Power and Politics: Dynamic Interplay in Groups"
Many of my friends have been urging me to attend. I’ve contacted their media liaison and if they provide press credentials for bloggers, I will try to attend.

WeMedia Miami, FL. Feb 26-28. I didn’t make it last year. I probably won’t make it this year, but friends that went last year said it was very good.

eDemocracyCamp Washington, DC. Mar 1-2
This barcamp appears to have gotten more traction and a larger turnout. However, my daughters are home from college during this time, and I’m unlikely to attend.

The 15th Politics Online Conference Washington, DC. Mar 4-5. I went a couple of years ago. It is a good gathering. However, it is still during my daughter’s spring break. I could be compelled to attend, but it is unlikely.

SXSW Interactive. Austin, Mar 7-11. I went a few years ago and would love to go again. I don’t see it happening this year, but this is one event well worth making the effort to attend.

Take Back America 2008 Washington, DC. Mar 17-19. I went last year as a volunteer. This year, I’ve gotten blogger’s credentials. This is a great event which I look forward to blogging. I strongly encourage people to attend.

2008 Nonprofit Technology Conference New Orleans, Mar 19-21. I’ve never made it to an NTEN conference, although I’ve always wanted to. I doubt I’ll make it this year unless some good luck comes my way.

F2C: Freedom to Connect 2008 Washington, DC Mar 31-Apr 1.
I went to F2C two years ago. Last year, I attended much of it online. I will do whatever I can to participate this year.

NCSL's Spring Forum 2008 Washington, DC Apr 24-26. Last year, I went to the NCSL’s annual meeting in Boston as a credentialed blogger. This is a great event. It is very important in my mind, and I was disappointed there weren’t any other bloggers around for it. I hope to attend, but whether or not I can attend, I hope that other bloggers show up.

Personal Democracy Forum 2008 New York City, Jun 23-24.
I’ve made it to every Personal Democracy Forum so far, either as a guest, a panelist, or on a scholarship and I hope to make it to this one. Perhaps this year, Kim will be able to attend as well.

Netroots Nation Austin, TX. Jul 17-20. Last year, I attended YearlyKos via Second Life. If something works out for me to attend Netroots Nation this year in person, I’ll do that. Otherwise, I’ll probably attend again in Second Life.

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Hillsdale, NY. Jul 24-27. I’ve gone to Falcon Ridge just about every year since 1994. This year will be the 20th anniversary and I plan on being there for as much of it as possible.

2008 Democratic National Convention Denver, CO. Aug 25-28. Four years ago, I was a credentialed blogger at the 2004 Deomcratic National Convention. Denver is a long way away, in many ways. I haven’t applied for credentials, yet. I would love to go. I’m just not sure if it is in the cards this year.

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