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Reflections – Part 2

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

A few days ago, I posted an entry, entitled ‘Reflections – Part 1’. That sort of requires me to follow up with a part 2. This part is one that I’ve been thinking about ever since the Republican convention, and since then, I keep getting more and feedback to go into the article.

My daughter is taking a course on comparative politics and the professor talked about key aspects of a democracy. She challenged whether or not the United States is truly democratic, choosing two points, whether or not the writ of habeas corpus is being properly observed, and whether or not we have a free press.

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Why I’m voting in the beer primary

(Originally published in Greater Democracy)

It rained today, and I thought about my life,

Of late, there have been a lot of personal attacks in the U.S. Presidential race. First Kerry’s record in Vietnam was attacked. Then the attackers were attacked. The Bush’s record in the Texas Air National Guard was attacked. Then those attackers were attacked. Many people have complained asking why we can’t focus on the issues.

Pictures at a demonstration

Greenwich Rally

On Wednesday, September 1st, Democrats in Greenwich Connecticut, where much of the Bush clan is from, held a rally in support of John Kerry, Diane Farrell and Kim Hynes. You can see pictures here.

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