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I had been encouraging people to contact me via iNames, =aldon.hynes on 2idi, or @ahynes1 on 1id.

You can also send me emails at aldon dot hynes at orient dash lodge dot com.

Or, if you use BlogCatalog, or MyBlogLog, you can send me messages there.

Here is my contact information as an hCard

Aldon M Hynes

815 Fountain St

Woodbridge,CT, 06525 USA

203 298 0814


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Welcome to Orient Lodge, a literary outpost on the internet.

This site contains a collection of thoughts and other writings. Recent posts will show up on the front page, and other posts can be found through links on the right.

Campaign Bio

Aldon Hynes was born in Maine, grew up in Massachusetts, went to school in Ohio and worked in New York for many years before settling down in Connecticut. In New York, he worked as an IT Executive on Wall Street. In 2003, he became very active in Gov. Dean's presidential bid and worked with many groups on the state and national level. When Gov. Dean ended his bid, Aldon's wife decided to run for State Representative. She was one of the first Dean Dozen candidates and Aldon was her campaign manager. Aldon received credentials from the Democratic Party to cover the National Convention as a blogger.

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Aldon's Latest Headshot

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A political biography

Below, I will recount some of my technology and group dynamics experiences and how I have used them for Democratic campaigns.

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